Study Room

Our School’s Study Room is open from Monday to Friday in the following schedules:

Monday to Thursday Friday
1st Cycle 4pm to 5pm 1:45pm to 4pm
2nd and 3rd Cycles 4:40pm to 6pm Not applicable

In the Study Room, first and foremost, students perform their school assignments individually, with the help of teachers – either to keep pace with their work or to monitor its completion. After school assignments are completed, students should summarize the subjects taught in order to prepare future moments of evaluation.

The use of this room aims to create daily study habits in the student, not only in regard to homework, but also with the follow-up of the subjects given in the various subjects. In addition, with the Study Room, it is intended that students enjoy as much time as possible in the company of their families, performing their school tasks at school, after the end of classes, not at night at home.

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